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How to get around in Aarhus

By walking:

The entire city is clean, compact and well-organised, which makes walking an excellent and enjoyable way to get around.

Aarhus City Bikes:

The city bikes are available between 1 April and 30 October. They are free to use 24/7 within the City Bike Zone as shown at the link below.

Where do I find a city bike?

The city bikes are free to use, but you need a DKK 20 coin to unlock the city bike from the parking rack. The coin will be returned when you return the city bike to one of the designated parking racks in just the same way as using a supermarket trolley with a coin-operated locking mechanism.

You must always return the city bike to one of the designated parking racks.

At night you need to use your own bicycle lights. We recommend lights which are secured using a clip or elastic band as the city bikes are not equipped with light brackets.

City bikes must only be used in and around Aarhus city centre. The parking racks are located at key cultural and recreational locations, educational facilities, train stations, intercity bus stops and other central locations in Aarhus.

Link to map: http://www.aarhus.dk/sitecore/content/Subsites/AarhusBycykel/Home/Information/Bycykelkort.aspx?sc_lang=da

By citybus:

Midttrafik, the municipal bus company, runs the yellow buses in the city. The bus route number is indicated at the front and the back of the bus and the destination is displayed at the front and above the rear door. Aarhus is the only city in Denmark where passengers enter through the back door and exit through the front. Every bus is equipped with a ticket machine and a validation machine at the back of the bus. You can purchase single and multi-ride tickets.

Bus tickets for travel within the city limits (Municipality of Aarhus limits) cost 20 DKK.  Please check the Midttrafik website for more information on busses , city links and route map.

  • Read this article from “Into Denmark” to find out “How to take the bus in Aarhus”. This article is useful to learn about the buses in Aarhus, but may not have up to date prices for tickets.

By taxi:

To book a taxi, please call this telephone number (+45) 8948 4848 or ask your hotel receptionist. There is also a taxi stand right outside the main exit of the train station and conveniently located taxi stands all over the city.