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S2: Local solutions

The full title of the session is “Planning for local landscape-based N solutions”, and the session takes point of departure in the perspectives of local, community-driven self-governing approaches to the regulation of Nitrogen use.

The background for the session is current efforts in Danish nitrogen regulation to substitute a general, input-output based regulation of Nitrogen for a spatially explicit regulation, which comply with local edaphic, climate and farming conditions and comply with targets for recipient loads. Local solutions require an integration of local knowledge on the physical environment, as well as communities capable of negotiating solutions, which respect all stakeholders with legal interests, including farmers, NGOs, citizens, other businesses.

The session thus seeks to explore the perspectives for achieving local solutions to the complex issue of nitrogen management. Studies suitable for this session can include issues such as stakeholder identification and stakeholder involvement, participatory processes, environmental management of small watersheds, collaborative planning of environmental issues, cooperative scenario building. Papers focusing on other aspects with regards to planning are also welcomed.

Session organizers: Henrik Vejre, Peter Stubkær Andersen, Irene Wiborg, Anker Lajer Højberg, Chris Kjeldsen, Tommy Dalgaard