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S1: New technologies

The full title of the session is “New technologies for improved N management”. The background is current low efficiencies resulting in less than 15% of exogenous N ending up on the consumer plate. Key aspects for improvement of N use efficiency can include new strategies for better N utilization in crop production, livestock production and processing of raw materials into food products. At the same time, technological approaches are required to increase the recycling and reuse of inevitable side stream losses occurring in the various parts of the chain.

This session thus seeks to explore new options and technologies for improving the N use efficiency and for recycling of residual N streams from all processes in the food production and consumption chain.

Papers suited for this session can include new technologies for innovative fertilizer strategies focusing on N forms, application strategies, and sensor-based differentiation. Other points that can be addressed are: cropping systems with higher retention rates and internal cycling of N, bio-refinery of protein from green biomass as well as reduced waste of food products. With respect to N recycling, focal points can be technologies for more efficient use of N in animal manure, e.g. separation, acidification and biogas. In addition, papers focusing on recycling of N in crop residues and urban waste (sludge and household waste) can also be included.

Session organizers: Lars Stoumann Jensen, Jan Schjørring, Nick Hutchings, Jørgen E. Olesen