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S5: Sustainable consumption

This session invites studies on how different consumption practices are related to N effects. In order to understand this issue, it is necessary to deploy a multitude of perspectives. Firstly, the session will discuss and explore conditions and effects of current N consumption patterns (such as issues of meat consumption).

Secondly, the session will explore different perspectives on N consumption dynamics, including considerations on social practice, co-creation in the food chain, environmental citizenship, food citizenship, food cultures, and all in relation to general sociological, philosophical, political and economic approaches. Thirdly, the session will seek to integrate the different approaches to consumption dynamics, thereby addressing the question of how N consumption practices can be improved or modified, both on a local scale (e.g., public institutions, private households) and on aggregated scales (national, regional etc.). Different quantification and N-tools, applied in various research projects, can also be explored in this session.

Session organizers: Steen Brock, Morten Graversgaard, Chris Kjeldsen, Jørgen Dejgaard Jensen