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S3: Health impacts

Nitrate in drinking water can be linked to public health by use of extensive registers on health outcome and drinking water quality. Examples of health impacts are rectal and colon cancer. Are private well owners at a higher risk? Are the current drinking water standards sufficient to secure “clean” drinking water? Can we find the optimal drinking water standard from a health economical perspective?

This session also seeks to explore the link between ammonia emission and occurrence of small particles (2,5 and 10 pm) in the atmosphere which might affect the human health through respiratory deceases. Do ammonia emissions from farming activities pose a risk on respiratory deceases on a local or long distance scale? What will be the health economic gain from reducing emissions following the EU Clear air incentive?

Relevant papers for this session could include studies originating from register based cohort studies on human exposure, health outcome and health economics looking at drinking water and air quality.

Session organizers: Birgitte Hansen, Torben Sigsgaard, Ole Hertel