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S4: Nitrogen abatement policies

The session aims to explore recent developments in economic analyses and modelling of nitrogen abatement policies and regulation. Evaluations of cost-efficiency, equity, distribution and transaction costs, using models and analytical concepts at different spatial scales (national, regional, catchment and farm level scale) are relevant, including analyses of the importance of spatial characteristics for economic efficient solutions and ecosystem services provision  by e.g. targeting.

The focus in this session is also on implementation instruments and incentives (financial, trade mechanisms, legal, voluntary), where e.g.  individual farm level implementation and collective solutions are of interest to explore present and new paradigms for implementing nitrogen regulation in agricultural landscapes. Nitrogen abatement policies affects a number of ecosystem services, and relations between abatement policies, ecosystem services and values are also relevant.

Session organizers: Berit Hasler, Brian Jacobsen, Mette Termansen, Line Block Hansen, Anne Kejser Jensen